The Sorting Hat is married to Scarfy, the Scarf of Sexual Preference. In Harry's second year, the Sorting Hat was away on his honeymoon with the Scarf Of Sexual Preference, so it was not there to sort Ginny into Gryffindor house in her first year. During Harry's 1st year, he was responsible for sorting everyone into 1 of the 4 houses: Gryffindors are the brave. Slytherins are the bad guys. Hufflepuffs are finders. And Ravenclaws are smart (with the exception of Cho Chang who gets by on her supermegafoxyawesomehot looks)

The Sorting Hat
Vital statistics
Portrayed by Nick Lang
Appearances A Very Potter Musical (mentioned only)

A Very Potter Sequel

Songs participated in "Days of Summer"
Canon counterpart Sorting Hat

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