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"The Dragon Song"
Vital statistics
Written by Darren Criss
Appearances A Very Potter Musical, Act 1, Part 9
Participants Harry Potter, the dragon

Harry Potter uses his musical charms to persuade the Hungarian Horntail not to eat him.


HARRY: Hey dragon you dont gotta do this Lets reevaluate our options throw away our old presumptions cause really you dont wanna go through this

Im really not that special the Boy Who Lived is only flesh and bone the truth is in the end Im pretty useless without friends In fact Im alone Just like now but anyhow

I spend my time at school trying to be this cool guy I never even asked for I dont know any spells Still manage to do well But theres only so long that can last for Im living off the glory of some stupid childrens story I had nothing to do with I just sat there and got lucky so level with me buddy I cant defeat thee so please dont eat me All I can do is sing this song for you

HARRY: Lalalalala

DRAGON: Rarararara

HARRY: Lalalalala Lalala

HARRY: (speaking) Thats right Dragon

HARRY: You never asked to be a dragon I never asked to be a champion We both just jumped on the band wagon But all we need is guitar jamming

HARRY: Lalalalala

DRAGON: Rarararara

HARRY: Lalalalala Lalala

HARRY: (speaking) Goodnight Dragon

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