Sirius Black
Vital statistics
Portrayed by Nicholas Joseph Strauss-Matathia
Appearances A Very Potter Musical (mentioned only)

A Very Potter Sequel A Very Potter Senior Year

Songs participated in "Those Voices", "Days of Summer" "Everything Ends"
Canon counterpart Sirius Black

Sirius Black was a friend of James Potter framed for betraying him and Lily to Lord Voldemort. During Harry Potter's first year at Hogwarts, he was freed from Azkaban by the future Draco Malfoy. Sirius died in the Battle of Hogwarts during Harry's second year.

He convinces Harry and friends that he's good by saying that he also saw Harry's parents in the magic mirror. Something that Harry Potter claimed couldn't be faked.

He is the man who gives Draco and the Ron the advice to never reveal the fact that they like a girl. Sirius claims that when you tell a girl that you like them, it just makes you look like an idiot

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