Luna Lovegood
Picture 3
Vital statistics
Portrayed by Arielle Goldman

Evanna Lynch

Appearances A Very Potter Sequel

A Very Potter Senior Year

Songs participated in "Days of Summer"

"This is the End" "Gilderoy (Wizard of the Year)" "Back to Hogwarts(reprise)" "Days of Summer(reprise)"

Canon counterpart Luna Lovegood

Luna Lovegood is a Ravenclaw student who was "mysteriously absent from [their] second year." She finally appears at the end of A Very Potter Sequel when Draco Malfoy meets her in the Forbidden Forest. They shared their interests in Pigfarts and diapers. She mentioned the Quibbler as having an article on Pigfarts, and Draco said he doesn't need an article to "know about Pigfarts."

She is also apparently the only other student besides Draco to have a (fake) English accent, besides Seamus Finnegan and his comically overdone one.

Luna is most likely now living with Draco Malfoy in the Forbidden Forest as the queen of the centaurs, as he invited her to live with him there.

After an unknown amount of time, Luna returned to the school and became part of the DA. In the beginning of A Very Potter Senior Year she is seen in the department of Mysteries with Neville and later Hermione and Ron, in which they try to keep the Diary( Journal as refered by Voldemort) from Fenrir Greyback. She begins the song "This is the End" and is seen with a camera taking pictures of Death Eaters. After Harry and the others then return to Hogwarts she is seen in the great hall when Gilderoy is introduced and when the blood message of the Chamber of Secrets is written. Afterward she is shown in the girls' bathroom washing blood off of her hands and tells Ginny about the Chamber. She is later seen in the crowd of students who are asked to evacuate the castle during " Goin back to Hogwarts"( Gotta get back to Hogwarts(Reprise). She and the rest of the DA help Harry and the others fight the Basilisk and Voldemort.