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Originally from Cincinnati, OH. Julia Albain grew up with what her father referred to as “an unbelievable need to talk”. This blessing/curse led her to the stage at a young age and has kept her there ever since. 

In high school Julia spent tireless hours in the theatre either in rehearsals during the week, planning events and fundraisers for the theatre in her off hours, and building sets and painting flats on the weekends.  Julia went on to train with local theatre artists in Cincinnati, participate in the Cincinnati Cappie Awards, and climb her way to the position of president in her school theatre group.

After being accepted into the University of Michigan’s prestigious BFA program, Julia made the journey across state lines to join her fellow students and artists in Ann Arbor for an exciting and engaging four years of training, experimenting, and discovering all that the theatre had to offer, and all that she had to offer to the theatre.  In addition to performing in multiple University Main Stage productions and Senior Theses, Julia became active in Basement Arts, an entirely student run organization for which she served on the board of directors, performed in various productions, and directed two fully mounted plays.

During summer seasons, Julia returned to Cincinnati to serve as Associate Artistic Director for a humble, but mighty theatre company that she founded in the summer of 2006 with a collection of passionate Cincinnati natives.  Transit-Five Productions has gone on to gain significant notice in the community and to date has produced over eight fully mounted productions.  In addition to contributing to the artistic needs of the community, Transit-Five remains committed to charitable contributions, donating a portion of each seasons proceeds to a different organization each summer and volunteering with company members.

Firmly believing in the power of the arts in youth, Julia has volunteered for various arts therapy endeavors, served as a camp counselor for arts training, and continues to reach out to the Cincinnati community that supported and nurtured her continuing passions and love of the arts.

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