Snape drawing Champions from the Cup

The House Cup Tournament is a competition between the Houses of Hogwarts. Over the course of the school year, students compete for the House Cup.

Earliest Tournaments

The tournaments began with the first generation of Hogwarts students. From each house, a single Champion was selected at random by drawing their name out of the House Cup.

Tournaments of this variety were banned after one semester when the Hufflepuff Champion was killed during the first task.

Tournaments by Points

After the original Tournaments were banned, students still competed for the House Cup. Points were given if a student did well and were deducted for bad behavior and rule-breaking.

Reinstatement of Tournaments by Task

Tournaments by Task were reinstated when Professor Quirrell, possessed by Voldemort, decided to resume them. He explained that the practical application of defence skills would help students in his class. However, the real reason for this choice was that it could be used to kill Harry Potter. The points system was not in use that year; however, this did not stop Professor Snape from regularly deducting points from Gryffindor.



The first task that year was to defeat a dragon. Each champion was assigned a dragon to defeat however they saw fit.

Champions and their Dragons:

Cedric Diggory:Puff the Magic Dragon

Cho Chang: Figment, the Imaginary Dragon

Draco Malfoy: The Reluctant Dragon

Harry Potter: Hungarian Horntail

No other tasks were completed that year, but Gryffindor was awarded the House Cup in Dumbledore's will.