Gryffindor is a house at Hogwarts. Apparently Professor Dumbledore himself was sorted into Gryffindor by the Sorting Hat (and sorted "Gay as the Fourth of July" by the Scarf Of Sexual Preference). When the Hat and the Scarf go on a honeymoon together, Dumbledore is forced to do the sorting himself, so he puts all the people who look like "good guys" into Gryffindor. The colors for Gryffindor are red and gold and the mascot is a lion (not to be confused with Rumbleroar). The members of Gryffindor are as follows:


Harry Potter (Darren Criss)

Ron Weasley (Joey Richter)

Hermione Granger (Bonnie Gruesen)

Ginny Weasley (Jaime Lyn Beatty)

Neville Longbottom (Richard Campbell)

Dean Thomas (Britney Coleman)

Seamus Finnigan (Brian Rosenthal)

Lavender Brown (Ravenclaw in AVPM, Gryffindor in AVPS) (Sango Tajima)

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